Monday, October 10, 2011

iPhone/iPad does not need these. Why?

1. Physical Keyboard
Logitech Zagg keyboard case
I don't understand...

Hey, come on, it is a Tablet! I mean, it is iPad!

I buy an iPad because I don't want a laptop, I use the iPad to replace my laptop. Why would you think I will still buy a keyboard for it?

2. Thick case
Tuff-Luv Tri-Axis Stasis Veggie Leather case 

What? Are you kidding me? Apple's engineers are working so hard to cut down the thickness, and you willing to spend money to add the thickness back again?

If you really okay to scarifies the coolness, I think you should goes for the old tablet PC.. You can have the thickness you want, you can have the physical keyboard, more variety of apps, USB ports and etc..

3. Android themes (jailbreak tweak)
Endroid on iPhone

NOOOO.. Other competitors takes the legal risks to learn/copy apple theme as close as they can... And.... You actually willing to give up the apple original theme, and goes to Android theme?

SPEECHLESS for that..

PS: Arrhhh... I am just a jokerrr...... don't be serious on it.. Cheers! ;)
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