Monday, October 17, 2011

Why I enjoy iOS? (and dump Android)

Most of my friends know, I was the android supporter before I receive my iPhone 4 and iPad 2 from DiGi Malaysia (DiGi iPhone 4 the Win) and Maxis Malaysia (Maxis iPad iDea).

Well.. it is really kinda weird when I switching my interest from what-also-can-Android to what-also-cannot-iOS..

The first reason must be: I own iOS devices, and I do not own any Android devices yet. (I am actually looking for a android device now)

It may be just a coincident my first iOS device is iPhone 4, with the seducing-Retina-display and the super-sensitive-touch-screen. The screen itself actually makes me decided to keep the phone for own usage. (Yes, I thought want to sell it before)

So, it started my iOS experience.

The second thing I love about iOS device is the what-also-cannot or what-also-restricting OS.

Huh? Maybe you'll be thinking am I nut? Why do people like the over-restricted-OS?

After I received my iPhone 4 (stock iOS4), I spent more time to learn how iOS works. I found that, apple restricts anything with justifications. Their priority the user satisfaction. They hate crashes, they hate lagging, they want everything works in the most natural way as they can and, they hate sloooooow...

That is the reason you can see there are so many eyes-candy-effects (smoothness & more natural), and the reason apple do not want to include Adobe Flash on all iOS device (sloooooww & power consumption).

I was not surprise when I read apple has the #1 user satisfaction rate through out the US and worldwide.

App Store

You must agree with me, apple app store has much more quality games and apps than Android Market.

The quality here is all-rounded, in terms of graphic, smoothness, audio, usability and etc.

You can actually found that most of the games on iOS has higher quality than Androids. Here are the top 3 reasons:
1. apple provide a full range of functional APIs for developers
2. apple developers are paying $99/year for developer license, so only serious developers.
3. apple test and reject low quality app and provide useful feedback to the developers. So, the developers improve.

So, here are my top 3 reasons to love iOS device instead of Google android.

PS: My greatest reason for not acquiring an Android device is because even though Android done right, but I can't find the right device to run it.
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