Saturday, October 8, 2011

For the apple fans who struggling to buy iPhone 4S or not:

Dear friends,
I am just like you, having an iPhone 4 in my pocket.
I am just like you, exciting for the announcement of "iPhone 5".
I am just like you, disappointing for the announcement of iPhone 4S.

I have read many rumors for the iPhone 5 with 4.0" LCD screen, new design, and LTE connectivity support. Yea, I agreed with everyone else. The "iPhone 5" gonna be a heat, and kick the Samsung GS2 ass out.

But apple was announcing the iPhone 4S instead of "iPhone 5" during the Let's talk iPhone event. I was extremely disappointing, and same to my friends.. People out there are saying the reason apple build and announcing the iPhone 4S is to suck more and more money. But after some deep thought, I don't see it that way.

In the point of my view, the announcement of iPhone 4S doesn't really about the money, it's about the device in our pocket! Yeah, the iPhone 4!

They are telling us, the design for the iPhone 4 is still very outstanding in the smartphone market.
The hardware for the iPhone 4 is still good enough to compete with others, we doesn't need a new phone.

For me, the apple listened and understand the antenna-gate on the iPhone 4. So they build the next iPhone with 2 antennas, they make it a world phone. They not only fixed the downside we having on iPhone 4, they even enhance it. This is really good.

The A5 chips, the 8MP camera, yeah, these are the most wanted specifications we wanted on the "iPhone 5", right? So what's wrong if we have it on iPhone 4S?

I mean, now you look back, iPhone 4S has almost every desired specification we wanted them on "iPhone 5", so what's wrong for the perfect size 3.5" Retina display? What's wrong if we have the same cool and solid design for the iPhone 4S?

None of the other designs out there are even close to the iPhone 4 design, the light and cheap plastic are just a piece of shit. I still want the glasses and stainless steel on my phone.

Lastly, I think, the iPhone 4S is not like a dark-hole sucking our money, our iPhone 4 is still good.
The iPhone 4S is for the person who doesn't own an iPhone 4.
The iPhone 4S is the person who hate antenna-gate issue on iPhone 4.
The iPhone 4S is for a traveler to roam on any network.
The iPhone 4S is the person who like taking photos, everywhere.
The iPhone 4S is the person who are a heavy gamers!

So, again, the iPhone 4S is not a money sucker. You don't have to change your iPhone 4. Your iPhone 4 is still good!

For the iPhone 4 users, be proud for your device.
For the friends who hasn't own an iPhone, welcome and join us.
For the friend who are still waiting iPhone 5, please take your time patiently.
For the friends on other devices, we are still friends, please don't misunderstanding us. We aren't that stupid by only making friends on the same device.
and for the friends who still thinking iPhone 4S is a money sucker, my advice: don't be pathetic. =)

PS: Thank you, Steve, for making world change.
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