Wednesday, July 20, 2011

MAD Review: Laser Warzone @ i-City, Shah Alam

Location: Laser Warzone, I-City, Shah Alam
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Attention Action Boys & Girls!!

I know some of you are really love to watch the action movies, you are dreaming to have a war game for show your talent on accuracy and shooting? Here's your chance!

Milk A Deal is having a 50% MAD deal for Laser Tag Game War.. 

Yes, that's right.. 50% from the original price..

Original Price:

For this deal, you are only paying RM27 for 3 games instead of RM54.. It's really a good deal for this kind of activity.. So, let me show you what you can expecting from this deal..

1. Game War Room

This is the room you will battle in.. It is a complete dark room, with full of the graphical drawing on the wall.. Apart from the decoration purpose, these drawing are basically your only light source you can counting on.. 

2. Battle Suite + Laser Gun

This is the battle suite and the laser gun you going to wear during your battle.. The suite are really light weight, it doesn't really burden me at all.. I can still jump move around like a monkey with the suite on! =P

What? are you saying the gun looks plastic? Mark my word, stay tuned.. =D

3) Gaming Points

Simple rules, shot on target and get points.. But here is the tricky part:
i) Shot on target, in front: 50 points
ii) Shot on target, from behind: 100 points

So... This game encourage Back-stab!! =P

4) The Game Mode:

Unlike the paintball game, the gaming mode are not flexible and the system is not configurable. 

This laser tag war is highly configurable for difference mode of war, such as:
a) Free for all (solo)
b) Team game
c) Team game with dedicated base

Besides this, they are encourage for rangers, and not campers.. So, you can even choose to enable the mines to kill the campers in the games..

(Trust me, rangers is more fun, and usually get higher points.. =D)

Lastly, this is all you are about to get for your deal:

Laser Tag war with visible laser beam!

Seriously, this is the fun part for the game.. Because you can see the laser beam light, so can either aim better for your next trigger and also you know where is your enemy..

Furthermore, the laser beam does not hurt your body (but please don't shot on others' eyes).. and the laser beam is consider not consumable material, so it is basically more environment/material friendly than the paintball games..

So, what are you waiting for?
Get the DEAL now! 
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