Monday, July 18, 2011

Malaysia XI vs Liverpool football match live!

Woo.. Can you believe it? I attended the football match, LIVE in Stadium Bukit Jalil? hehehe..

Many thanks to Tune Hotels for giving away a pair of tickets for this match, so the football noob like me can enjoy the match!

So how actually I won this tickets? Check out the printscreen downs here:

and my answer was:

Teehee.. YEAH!! I always wanted to have a skydive experience in my life.. and surprisingly, Tune Hotels just love my courage!! So they announced I am the most electrified person to watch the match live! wahaha..
(Sounds like The Rock? wahaha #teambringit)

And here's the tickets (and my friend)!

What you can expecting for the football match in live?

People (Fans)! Thousands and Thousands of fans was there for to support their favourite team.. As you can see, it is almost all red, but we Malaysian are very neutral in this match, because we just love both team, we shout for both team.. ;-)

What's next thing?

Yes!! Full view for the field! This full view of the match is more REALISTIC than any 3D TV you can found ! wakakaka.. The excitement for live match is much more than you can experience from the mamak Teh O Ais TV.. The shouting from these people can shake the venue.. Seriously, you should try this at least once in your life, nevertheless you are football fans or not.. (Furthermore, you can unlock the Super Swarm badge on foursquare.. =P)

If you feel like you are lucky enough (or courage enough) like me, come, join for the next contest for more exciting game! Join this contest, then you even have the chance to fly to Hong Kong to enjoy the match!

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