Monday, May 2, 2011

Our World, Their War!

Muahahahaha, this gonna be my first post on my personal blog.. and my first post gonna talk about our lovely planet, our world! and the title is Our World, Their War! (actually I would like to use "Sam’s World, Our War!" as I am one of the character of Transformers.. forgive me for being into-play too early.. LOL.. )

Before I start with my story, I am challenging you! I am pretty confidence that you will read it for the second time.. Doesn't believe me? Try it.. =P

Except from the global warming, and some other hoaxes predictions over the doomsday for the Earth, most of the human was not realize our existence, the Transformers from Cybertron Planet. (Thanks to our nice hideout in Automobiles shape)

Until the day.... Michael Bay directes and produces the Transformers Movies back in 2007 and 2009... Finally, part of the human realize our existence on this planet... and the intelligent persons who are holding The Ultimate Movie Card were the people among the first who got the messages...

>>>> sorry, I know The ultimate movie card started in 2009, but I am just trying to throw out my idea.. =P <<<<

Intelligent? You may be wondering why intelligent? How intelligent is this?
The answer is: Even the most intelligent human race, Maya cannot predict our existence.. (it was not in Maya Prediction, correct me if I am wrong.. =P) but the Ultimate Movie Cards allow you to access to the priority ticketing lane, so you can be the first to get the message, furthermore, you are enjoying more discount on ticket purchase and other benefits from EON Bank..

It is totally over-smart than the Maya race and the other scientists over the world! Now, do you agree with me that "The Ultimate Movie Cards" are great tools to access Top News?

Oh ya, I think I haven’t reveal my identity yet. I am the Optimus Prime from Autobots. My team are here to protect Sam and humans’ world from Decepticons evil plans.

Does not know me by name? It’s okay.. Most people recognize me on my handsome face but not name..

Cool huh? =P
Well, cut it off.. Handsome face cannot save the world.. Let me straight to the point with my brilliant plans to stop the evils plans.

Before the war begin:
After 3 days 2 night of vacation brainstorming with my team, we realize the key of success for stopping Megatron in 2009 was: Heavy-ammo! Okay, we weren't brainstorming.. we were just having fun on the island.. =P

Yes, confirm, 100%, I’m sure, definitely is Heavy-ammo after the upgrades from the Jetfire.

See my portraits from my fans? I can blow Megatron away just with my breath.. HAHA..

So, my plan here is, gather all the autobots on space, and return to our home, Cybertron for Ammo-upgrades.

As a mind-master, prediction for enemy plans is critical. I can barely know Megatron will do the same move. They are planning for Ammo-upgrades too.. But what makes me so confidence over my plan?

Taa Daa~~ The Ultimate Weapon Card!

Oh, Bumble Bee and me are on the poster of The Ultimate Weapon Card too! HAHA!

Yes, this is one of the key in my plans.. With this card, we, autobots are enjoying upto 50% of weapon/armors purchase, we are allowed to access the priority purchasing lane and we are even get the Insurance during our way travel back to Cybertron! (Yes, Cybertron Ultimate Weapon Card and GSC-EON Ultimate Movie Card share the great similarity.. LOL..)

Some Decepticons members are Queueing ANGRILY.. XD

So, Decepticons, Taa Daa... We will be the first to choose the weapon at the lower price... you all enjoy the leftover weapons after we had enough weapons.. =D

In this case, we have HIGHEST CHANCE to beat over Decepticons! Hehehe..

During the war:
I’m not sure does it still consider a war when we have no chance to lose.. Anyway, during the war, Sam will distribute The Ultimate Movie Cards to the human race, so that the human can hideout in any GSC in National wide in Malaysia.

Yes, GSC, I am not kidding you.. GSC is the perfect place over the caves, you know why?
It is because (most) GSC cinema has the best noise isolation and THX certifited surround system, human will not hear or seen anything related to the war before filtering and censoring.. it is the best for human, especially for those human under 18 years old.. =)

What if... what if my plan didn’t works? A good leader always have a backup plan, even if it is nearly impossible to happen...

Backup Plan:
What if my team and I being caught by Decepticons, I will use my tougue.... to mumble the Decepticons members.. Hehe.. I granted this skill from him, he is a good teacher!:

>>>>>>>> Bumble Bee always says that I have too many words to say... Am I? @.@" <<<<<<<<<<
Muahahaha.. Impressive strategies, right?

So, human, you can rest your mind with your pillow and follow what exactly Sam told you to do.. We are protecting your world.  Your World, Our War..

However, if you think you have better strategies, please contribute your ideas to help us to save your world:

Optimus Prime

PS: If you saw a strange "blank spacelike this, highlight the line to read..

*Transformers and all the related characters are trademarks of Hasbro. (c) 2011 Hasbro. All Right Reserved. (c) 2011 Paramount Pictures Corporation. All Right Reserved.
*Other photos are acquired from Google Image search.
*The Ultimate Weapon Cards was created by myself.
*The Ultimate Movie Card (GSC-EON Bank Card) started on service in sometime around 2009.

Click "Coolest" if you scroll back and read for the second time! =P 
If you think you might still missed something, try use the shortcut key: CTRL+A to highlight all.. 
Cheers.. =D

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